Lo​-​Fi Days (live in JamCafe)

by Cecil Chamberlain

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Recorded live to an 8 track reel to reel recorder at JamCafe on the 24th August 2015.


released September 2, 2015

Thanks to Bradley Rice for allowing us to use his venue to record in. Thanks to the brilliant musicians who probably have better things to do than spend a day playing my songs - Martin Pearce, Robin Bedford, Rob Upton and Peter Beardsworth (in order of appearance in Cecil's life). Thanks to Gabriel Roth for the article 'Shitty Is Pretty' which was the basis for this records recording philosophy and the birth of our very own 'Ghetto Verb' (used tastelessly on the entire EP). Thanks to my partner for putting up with mixing in the next room as she has important work to do and doesn't need to hear to songs 30 times over whilst I move a single dial +/- 2dB. Thanks to modern western life for being unfulfilled enough to need to pursue artistic exploits.



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Cecil Chamberlain Nottingham, UK

If you like what you hear then thats all that matters.

All self taught musicians who are already faithful contributors to the Nottingham scene with their respective musical projects. This time they come together for the love of the song.

Recorded in a basement in Notts, House Music (cecilchamberlain.bandcamp.com) features a collection of 4 songs which hope to hook you like china white.
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Track Name: Nothing Good Remains
Ask yourself, where's your woman?
Is she gone, is she gone
Did you come to the conclusion
that you were wrong, you were wrong

All the time you spend regretting
It's just running away
It's just running away
And it leaves without warning
nothing good remains, nothing good remains

Did you think it could have been different?
Than it was, than it was
Take some time to refresh your mind
Take a pause, take a pause
Track Name: Message To The Bossman
You get all the bedding and a tarp in case it rains
I'll get all the medicine so our hearts don't feel the strain
Put it in a flatbed, turn the key and drive
Someone sings a lullaby, won't be long before we arrive

Send a message to the bossman
Tell him we ain't coming back
We're gonna stay here for a lifetime
Or until we run out of snacks

You get all the firewood and some berries from the trees
I'll build us a shelter so we have some place to sleep
There's no electricity, no sirens or alarms
We don't need television for our life upon the farm

Send a message to the bossman
Tell him we ain't coming back
We're gonna stay here for a lifetime
Or until we run out of snacks
And we don't need bricks and mortar
No salesmen taking us for a ride
There must be something in the water
Cause we've never felt so alive
Track Name: I'm Gonna Leave You
You were my heart and soul
But you treat me cold
So I'm gonna leave you

You always get your way
So come what may
I'm gonna leave you

I walked that line
But now it's time
For me to leave you

You were my north and south
My east and west
I've lost my way
And you know what's next
I'm gonna leave you

Back at the start was fresh
But now it's stale
I'm gonna leave you

You know we always fight
And that's not right
So I'm here to say
That I've seen the light
I'm gonna leave you
Track Name: Welcome To My World
Close your eyes, what do you see?
Is your head full of dreams that your eyes are unlikely to see?

Don't waste your time, cause time's not for free
It's all temporary we'll be dead and buried in the end

Well I know it's hard to imagine a place
Where your voice is as loud as a San Fransisco quake
You'd better make sure you're heard
See your actions speak louder than words

Welcome to my world
Things ain't so easy
I do things my way
So leave it to me

Close my eyes, I can't bare to see
It's so easy to fail it's a fact that I'm too scared to see